Newborn Care

Caring for Your Newborn

For all of the differing opinions you can read, the basics are pretty straightforward: keep them warm, maintain scheduled feedings (ideally with breast milk), change diapers immediately, and hug them a lot!

At Tennessee Valley Pediatric Associates Inc, we provide complete care for your newborn. For you convenience, we're happy to file insurance claims on your behalf, as we work with all insurance companies.

Choosing a Good Car Seat

The most important factors are your child's height, weight, and age. For newborns and infants, start with a rear-facing seat. But know your vehicle too, and make sure it can accommodate the seat you select.

Call us at 256-381-9350 for after-hours services. Our staff is also fluent in Spanish.

Immunization Protection

Sometimes the experts know best. Despite the current movement that condemns immunizations, doctors know best: the right shots can save your kid's life. So be wise - immunize! FREE parking is available at our center.
Call us and schedule an appointment for immunization of your newborn.
"I am so glad that everyone is so nice there. My first granddaughter was the first started there, and it was amazing how much they care for their patients. It has continued its care for years now. I love it."

 Debra Terry Burroughs
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