Get Help Letting Breastfeeding Come Naturally

Breastfeeding helps your newborn start their development in your arms, forming the closest attachment imaginable between mother and child. But breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally. We can help.

We also provide pediatric services for every stage of our child's development and monitor your baby's growth, provide shots, and more. 
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Tennessee Valley Pediatric Associates Inc is one of the few clinics with a certified lactation consultant on hand. There's no one more qualified to provide the help that you need.

You can meet Courtney Hood, who is a certified lactation consultant and a licensed CRNP, and Alicia Nix, a licensed CRNP with 21 years of lactation experience, at our clinic.
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FREE Baby Weight Checks

Babies develop at their own pace. Even so, it's a wise precaution to ensure that your infant is receiving the nutrition that he or she needs. A FREE weight check is a quick and easy way to secure peace of mind!

We know that keeping your child healthy isn't always easy. Trust us to help you. We also provide quality adolescent care for your children to cope with their new bodies and new concerns, and what you need to know as a parent.
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Stop Worrying!

Just as parenting doesn't come with a manual, neither does breastfeeding. It's often much harder than it looks!

If your baby isn't latching successfully onto your breast, we can offer many ideas to help. Call to schedule a consultation. You'll be glad to know that our clinic is affiliated with Helen Keller Hospital.
Don't wait until they're sick! Schedule a wellness checkup.
"The best in town! The staff is always so friendly and do their best to get you in and out quickly, and the nurses and doctors always go above and beyond to make sure your child gets the best care!"

 Ashley Peck

Meet Our Lactation Consultant

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